Step 4: Spam Free Email!

Enjoy your new spam free email!

Once you have created new aliases for all of your online contacts and notified them that this is the address they must use to contact you in the future, you are ready to start eliminating your junk mail. Your old ISP address, which was infested with spam, can now be safely deleted - since no genuine emails should be sent to that address anymore - so you can now relax and enjoy spam free email for life!

Added Benefits

As well as eliminating your spam, there are also added benefits to following the Spam Plan - you get a personal and professional looking email address that you will be able to keep for life.

Most people get an email address from their ISP and hand that out to friends and business contacts - but what happens if you move to a different ISP? Your address changes and you have to contact everyone you know to update them - what a pain!

If you have your own private email address at your own domain, you can simply change the forwarding so that mail is sent to your new ISP address - nobody will ever need to be updated again.

Final Tips

Now that you have removed all the spam from your inbox, you simply need to make sure that you never give out your ISP email address to anyone. You only give them alias addresses.

Once in a while, you may start to receive spam sent to one of your unique alias addresses, but if that happens you simply delete it and the problem is solved immediately. Also make sure that in future, you follow the advice in step 1, which explains how spammers get hold of addresses.

Web Based Email Accounts

Sometimes, you may need to give out an email address at a website in order to get something like free software. This type of contact is not really important enough to be assigned their own unique alias at your domain - so for these situations it is a good idea to create a free web based email account.

If you have an account like this, you don't really have to worry about getting spam sent to it - it's not being sent to your inbox, with all your important mail - so it's a handy extra account to have in addition to your proper email account.

Mailwasher Pro

Once you have implemented the Spam Plan, you will hardly ever see a spam email again - the only rare occasions it will happen is when one of your contacts decides to sell your address. Obviously, this is no big deal - simply cancel that contacts alias address and the problem is instantly solved - but you need to guard against downloading spam, because they often contain viruses.

So the final piece of advice is to screen your emails. The software I use for this is called Mailwasher Pro, by Firetrust. It allows you to preview all emails on the server, which means you can delete anything suspicious, without downloading it to your computer. Since I started using the Spam Plan, in conjunction with Mailwasher Pro, I have never had an email virus - they simply can't get through!

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