Mailwasher Pro

The plan described on this website works best when used in conjunction with Mailwasher Pro - and the good news is that we have a promotional code that gives you a 30% discount by simply following the link below.

How Mailwasher Pro Works

Mailwasher Pro allows you to preview all emails on the server, without downloading it to your computer. This means you can examine anything that looks suspect and choose to delete it, only allowing through the genuine messages.

Mailwasher Pro

You can use it with multiple email accounts and it will synch with your mobile device too. In addition to a friends list and a blacklist, you can create custom filters and neatly sort your incoming email into categories such as "good", "spam" or "undetermined", to really speed up your workflow

Spam email that gets through to your PC can often contain viruses, sometimes without you even needing to open an attachment. For this reason, Mailwasher is a vital line of defence, deleting spam directly from the server before it comes anwhere near your PC, tablet or mobile. Since I started using the Spam Plan, in conjunction with Mailwasher Pro, I have never had an email virus - they simply can't get through!

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