Introduction: How To Stop Spam Emails

An introduction to stopping spam for free with the spam plan ...

The plan detailed on the following pages will show you how to stop spam emails completely. That's a promise!

If you already have your own domain name, it will be completely free to implement. If you don't have a domain name, don't worry - they are really simple to register and cost as little as $8 per year.

How Does it Work?

There is a fundamental difference between the plan described on this website and the method that most people use to control spam.

The usual approach is to try and block spam emails, filtering out the junk and only allowing genuine messages to get through - but email filters are not the way to solve your spam problems!

The Problems With Filters

Filters work by analyzing your incoming mail and attempting to decide which emails are genuine and which are spam - but this process is far from perfect and creates a host of serious problems ...

1: There is no such thing as a 100% accurate filter - some junk will always get through no matter how hard you try.

2: More seriously, all filters will occasionally mark a genuine email as spam - you are losing important messages all the time and making it hard for friends to contact you.

3: Filter software can be complicated and time consuming, you often have to manually set up the rules which determine how messages will be treated and how 'aggresive' the filter will be.

4: The best filter software can be expensive - my advice is don't waste your money, the Spam Plan method is free and works far better!

The Spam Plan Approach

The Spam Plan does not involve filtering - it works by making sure that your address is not on any mailing lists in the first place - which is why this method is 100% effective!

It also shows you how to organise your online contacts, so that if anyone ever sells your address to a spammer, you will be able to instantly remove the junk mail forever.

Similar Methods

The Spam Plan works in a similar way to 'Disposable Email Accounts', but it makes much more sense for the following reasons ...

1: It's more professional - You get your own personal email address, such as With a disposable email account, your address would be ''

2: Your Own Website - If you own your own domain, you can use it for your own website address, such as

3: It's cheaper - Disposable email accounts can cost up to $30 per year - the Spam Plan is free if you already own a domain!

4: No Limits - Disposable email accounts will usually impose limits on the number of names you can create or the number of emails you can send per month. Having your own name is unlimited.

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